P.S.A./V.P.S.A. Oxygen Gas Generation Plant

The process of producing oxygen from oxygen plant involves taking air from an air compressor, separating oxygen from nitrogen and other gases by means of special Zeolite Molecular Sieves. The system gives a continuous supply of oxygen by automatic switching towers on a timed cycle. It can be adjusted for a oxygen purity up to 94%, although the most economical for practical purposes is 85%.

In the process of regeneration, the adsorbed nitrogen is subsequently discharged as waste. The resulting product gas is around 85 to 94% pure oxygen available at around 2.5 kg/cm2g pressure. The gas is very dry containing little or no moisture.

Industrial Applications :-

Nitrogen Generators are extensively used in the following industries:
  • The primary application of this gas can be seen in steel manufacturing plants
  • In chemical processing
  • Water treatment
  • Oxygen is also called the medical gas, but the one used for medical purposes is the purest form of oxygen. This form of oxygen is treated and purified to make it suitable for medical use.