No Purge Loss Split Flow Dryer

The wet Air / Gas stream is split at the air dryer inlet through a differential distributor valve. Part of this air / gas stream is passed through an external heater and heated to a regeneration temperature of 160-180°C, and then it is fed to the Adsorber desiccant tower a containing Silica gel or activated Alumina / Molecular Sieves under regeneration thus removing out the moisture from the desiccant bed. A water cooled / air cooled aftercooler condenses the desorbed moisture which is discharged regularly through the automatic drain trap. After condensation This Air/ Gas stream joins the main incoming air stream and goes for drying to the other tower B under drying. Normally a Cycle time of 8+8 hrs is utilized to complete one cycle of operation. After each operation the changeover is affected automatically.

This type of dryer provides an outlet Dew Point of -40 deg C. The Air dryer can be supplied with standard accessories like simplex / duplex Prefilter / after filters, Flow meters, dew point meters etc. The system is fully automatic / semi automatic, with Timer / PLC controls with feedback to/ from main DCS.