Internal Heated Type Dryer

When there is less compressed air to spare, Van Air heated regenerative compressed air dryers provide the solution by requiring less purge air for desiccant regeneration. Compared to a heatless dryer, a Van Air internally heated dryer delivers significant savings through purge air reduction.

Van Air HI series internally heated desiccant dryers supply -40°F pressure dew point air for critical requirements for pneumatic instruments, controls and sensitive process air.

Principle of operation: Wet inlet air flows through the drying tower where moisture is attracted to and adsorbed on the desiccant. Approximately 6% of the dry outlet air, expanded to atmospheric pressure, is diverted to the regenerating tower where it is heated as it flows through a heater isolation tube. This air is then directed through the desiccant bed where it strips off accumulated moisture. Standard units available from 150 SCFM to 3,000 SCFM. Finally, the purge air is exhausted into the atmosphere through a purge valve. The eight-hour NEMA cycle includes four hours of drying, three hours of regeneration and one hour of cooling per tower.

All HI series compressed air dryers include individual heater thermostats. Purge flow rates are adjustable for your operating requirements.

Application -
  • Instrument air dryers for power plants Refineries & Petrochemicals, chemical & fertilizer plants etc.
  • CNG Compressed Natural Gas drying & conditioning plants, Gas Dryers.
  • Hydrogen Gas Drier for generator Cooling Application.